Moving Steadily Forward on Tough Path

Our Core Values

Corporate and Social Governance

'Responsibility and sustainability' are taken very seriously by us. Our aim is to further increase long-term competitiveness with minimal impact on society and environment while generating maximum value for our local and global stakeholders. We do our best to meet our social and professional standards.

Commitment to the quality assurance and compliance

We are committed to provide quality in time. We believe that all systems should meet the compliance requirements of the industry sector for which the system is developed. Our products go through rigorous testing before delivery and we do solve issues if any swiftly.

Technical expertise and fanatic support

Our team of developers is always encouraged to keep themselves informed of the changes in technology. We encourage adoption of new technology. The team has experience of building enterprise level software and is constantly looking at innovative ways of development.
We consider it our prime duty to support our clients and service to client comes before anything else.

Think big, work together, go far

We think big and work towards our dream with passion and creativity. We work together with our stakeholders in pursuing new opportunities to forge new paths, taking smart risks. We are open to new ideas and have accomplished an amazing amount of important work.

Be responsible, take ownership

We strive to do our best but we always are ready to accept our mistakes and rectify them. We take responsibility for the work we do and are proud to own it. We are open to suggestions, criticism and of course the applauds.

Our Story

Susie Forbes, CEO of Condé Nast College of Fashion wrote "The Condé Nast has been using Klaspad for our admission system since September- October 2014. We are very happy with the system and importantly our ability to bespoke the admission and finance processes for our specific needs. Ambrish and his team have been very helpful in working with us on every aspect of their already robust system to further tailor it to our specific needs.

This and many more thoughtful compliments about Klaspad sum up the achievements of Ambrish Bansal (CEO of Klaspad PLC). It all started with the development of a student management system for a small private FE college and since then there has been no looking back. Ambrish and his team have worked tirelessly, against many odds and challenges to build a state of art modern education system (Klaspad).

Helal Rahman (Chairman)
Besides being a successful entrepreneur, Helal Rahman introduced and implemented the „IDEA STORE‟ in Tower Hamlets transforming the concept of a library for the new millennium. Currently director of Point Home Ltd and Property First Ltd and holds directorships of companies in the United Kingdom and Bangladesh. Extensive experience in senior management roles in the UK and Bangladesh. Extensive network in the sector. Board member of NRB Bank.

Ambrish Bansal (CEO)
Rich experience of working at top managerial positions in international environment. Mr Ambrish Bansal established ITSPL which created the Klaspad system, which has now been acquired by Klaspad Plc to enable this company to take the software to new levels and undertake the marketing and selling of it. Prides in his ability to work cohesively and decisively with all stakeholders, has good contacts and connects well with people.

Dr Penelope Hood (Director)
Is a highly qualified educationalist with particular expertise working internationally in the development of collaborative partnerships and quality assurance in the tertiary education in developing countries in South East Asia and Africa.

Richard Bingley (Director)
Richard Bingley serves as Chairman of UK Security Partners Ltd., and has worked at Buckinghamshire New University since 2012 as a Senior Lecturer in Security as well as Director of the Business School. Richard served as Press Liaison officer, in the UK Labour Party Government during Prime Minister Tony Blair’s second and third administration (2003-06). Under secondment, he later served as Cabinet Minister visits co-ordinator for Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s re-election campaign in 2010.

Theo Theodorou (Director)
Qualified with an Executive MBA with professional qualifications MBIM MCIM and MAAT. He has wide experience in the educational field particularly in providing for the needs of overseas students aspiring to University entrance. He has been responsible for establishing the GEC network of overseas recruitment offices and the International Degree Foundation Programme and Pre Masters programmes.

Mohammed Rafique Miah (Director)
A successful entrepreneur with business interests in the UK and Bangladesh, Chairman of Bangla Town Group of Companies and Director of British Bangladeshi Chamber of Commerce. Board member of NRB Bank.

Our Vision

We believe that education shapes the lives of people and we want to shape the education to fit their lifestyles.

Our Mission

To be a global leader in immersive yet affordable education.

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150 Plus Clients

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