Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality (AR) is virtual reality combined into real life. It enables developers to create images within applications that augment the elements of the real world. With AR, users can interact with virtual contents in their normal reality, and also distinguish between the two.

As of date there are less than 1000 companies across the globe who are either working or developing AR and VR products . Klaspad is one of such companies and has been working on the technology for last one year and is now in a position to launch its first Augmented Reality Product which will be followed by several other unique products.

Augmented Builds

How about a tool where you can bind any 3D object to any image target and build your own Augmented Reality App?

Yes, it's true!
Augmented Builds allows such a unique experience for their users.

Augmented Reality (AR) can bring the unique experience in real estate market where agents can provide a fully constructed model of the properties to the potential buyers at the early stage of a construction project.

AR can enhance learning environments,stimulating higher levels of engagement,focus, and benefit visual learners. Skills training in industrial environments,inspection/quality assurance, work instruction, workflow management, or operations/safety can be delivered using AR.