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Nestor Advisor

Founded in 2003 by Stilpon Nestor, a widely-recognised expert on corporate governance, Nestor Advisors has worked with the boards and senior management of leading financial institutions, companies and non-profit organisations in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia.

The firm concentrates on improving decision making, organisational structures, controls and incentives. We have worked in more than 15 countries to assist clients which include some of the largest banks, large multinational companies, private equity firms and their investees, family firms, as well as important development financial institutions and nongovernmental organisations.

Nestor Advisors’ clients benefit from rigorous analysis of best market practices, regulatory perspectives and academic research across legal, finance and management disciplines. Multifaceted approach is reflected in the complementary competencies of team members.

How Klaspad is connected?

We have helped Nestor in developing their branded product 'ControlMirror' The product is a user friendly and easy way to create "Chart of Authority" with complete audit trail of all the activities done by users.

In 2014 Klaspad assisted Nestor Advisors with the development of a bespoke IT for Nestor Advisors' clients. Since then, Klaspad has been assisting us in providing IT support services to our clients using this bespoke system. We are very happy with the system that Klaspad developed and the quality of support services that it offers. We are particularly satisfied with the level of responsiveness and engagement by Ambrish Bansal and the Klaspad team as well as with their ability to offer tailored solutions.

Stilpon Nestor
Managing Director: Nestor Advisor