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Northampton College

At Northampton College you will receive the best in education and skills development in state of the art facilities. Aim to ensure that you can reach your potential. This means that we are committed to your further education. Around 9,000 students choose to study with us and this number is growing.

When you study at Northampton College you can expect to develop your academic, professional, technical and employability skills as well as your maths and English. Whether you are looking for a beginner’s course, a Level 2 or 3 course or a university-level programme, they will have a course for you. They also offer Apprenticeships.

Northampton College is one of the largest general further education colleges in the region with around 9,000 students and a turnover of over £30M. We employ around 500 permanent members of staff and a further 300 work on a flexible basis. Staff are given every opportunity to develop their skills and are committed to supporting a professionally-qualified and experienced workforce.

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