Bespoke Apps


Whether you have an idea for a new business app to help you work more efficiently or would like to convert an existing back office system into a mobile version, our team can create smartphone and tablet applications across the major platforms (Windows Phone, Android and iOS).

We have the capabilities to integrate your app with existing applications to help you achieve powerful data and workflow solutions and we can advise you on the most suitable operating system: native or HTML5

Here are some good apps developed by our developers.


The 21st century is marked with creative freedom and opportunities of access to knowledge afforded by mobile technology. KLASPAD has taken the e-learning to another level by adding the features that make the learning journey enjoyable and fruitful.

The App is for the students from various colleges and training centers that offer their e-learning using KLASPAD.


  • Simple & intuitive interface
  • Interactive learning experience
  • Once the content is downloaded it can be used in offline mode also.
  • All the work done can be synced once there is wifi connection.
  • Easy navigation
  • Quality graphics
For private distribution only.


The children see and hear various animals and learn their names while they play.

My Kid's Zoo has animals for each letter of the English alphabet. The animals keep coming down in bubbles and when the bubble is touched the animal is shown with its name. When the letter is touched you hear the animal's name and when you touch the animal you hear the animal's voice. Children love the different sounds including that of the bursting bubble and learn the names of the animals even for letters like X, Q, and I.

The supported language is English. Children fall in love with their zoo and learn while they play.

  • Simple & intuitive child-friendly interface
  • Universal app for all
  • Easy navigation
  • Quality graphics


Brain Cafe is a quiz application which contains various categories of questions. 50 Categories 1500+ questions You can increase your knowledge by giving quiz of your choice categories. Each question has four options and one right answer so choose wisely. The best categories includes:

  • General Science
  • Basic General Knowledge
  • Inventions
  • Technology
  • World Geography
  • Sports
  • Engineering
  • Programming


Bus Clock is an application for live London bus departures with Alarm Service.


  • More than 20,000 London bus stops searchable for next bus info
  • All TFL buses searchable
  • Until the last minute information on all bus arrivals
  • Set an alarm for your favorite route from favorite stops
  • Use your phones GPS to locate your nearest stop
  • View live bus departures from a stop of your choice
  • Search by street name and route number or stop code
  • Filter your routes
  • Save your favorites bus stops
  • See near by stops from your choice
  • Pull to refresh data


Find any room on the campus by entering its number.
Locate the buildings on the map.
Explore whole floor plan for each building.


Dribbblr is a simple to use and fascinating Dribbble client for your Android. Dribbblr lets you browse all of Dribbble's categories like popular, everyone and debuts, offering both thumbnail and larger views of each shot.
Dribbblr also lets you to mark favorite shots to access it for later purpose.
Dribbblr doesn't need any Dribbble account to access.
Dribbblr also lets you browse through design-related job postings and read all the stats, comments and metadata associated with each shot.
Get Dribbblr and get inspired by the incredible work of the Dribbble community.


Geo-tagged music playlists.

Discover London's vast music scene with playlists geotagged to current and historic venues in London.